Mediation & dialogue, Conflict Transformation and Peace building

Mediation and dialogue processes:
This is about efforts that seek to restore calmness and order in a community which has been affected by violence. All cultures understand the importance of community meetings. NPAT use public meetings to introduce its interventions and sell its vision to people. This is where people are consulted and mobilised to participate in processes which seek to find lasting solutions to problems that have disturb normal life.


NPAT is planning to go to communities which are affected by service delivery protests and meet will leaders of different structures (CBO’s, churches, Youth Organisations, Women organisations…) and councillors. There will be engagements meetings which seek to listen to communities which feel aggrieved and to government and hear how it service people. After listening the organisation will devise a strategy of bringing leaders together to negotiate how they can ensure that peace is restored and will invite leaders to attend a Conflict Transformation workshop, which will also be a platform for dealing with conflict in a transformative approach.


The same approach will followed for universities which have been holding the “#FEES MUST FALL” Campaigns.


Conflict Transformation:
The term ‘conflict transformation’ is a relatively new invention within the broader field of peace and conflict studies. John Paul Lederach called “a shift” toward conflict transformation.


He defines it as follows:
Conflict transformation is to envision and respond to the ebb and flow of social conflict as life-giving opportunities for creating constructive change processes that reduce violence, increase justice in direct interaction and social structures, and respond to real-life problems in human relationships.


Conflict transformation, in contrast to conflict resolution, does not only seek to resolve the contradiction in a conflict setting. It also aims at addressing structural and social root causes by challenging injustices and restructuring human relations and it must be based on indigenous knowledge, acceptable values and practices which will advance the quality of lives in a globally competitive world.


This organisation targets people who have things which threaten their peace. Peacebuilding seeks to prevent future conflict and to address the root causes of conflict. We understand peacebuilding in its broad sense. It comprises all efforts and activities aiming at building sustainable peace in a society on interpersonal, social or institutional level, before, during or after violence. Within this broad field of engagements we are focussing on conflict transformation, mediation and dialogue processes.