About Us

The National Peace Accord Trust (NPAT) was established in 1992 as a non-profit organization. NPAT was formed from the National Peace Accord and its structures. The National Peace Accord is arguably the midwife of our democracy and the constitution. This Trust was established to preach peace in communities prior to the first democratic elections and to deal with post-apartheid era socio-economic reconstruction challenges.


Vision Statement:

Healing Communities, Building Stability


Mission Statement:

The challenges of our society require leadership that is dynamic, ethical and responds to the needs of the people. Leadership that works towards long-term stability and a prosperous future for all.


Geographical Location

National Peace Accord Trust operates in all the nine provinces and in all the districts. This it is done through partnerships.


Target Audience/Beneficiaries

  1. Communities causing conflicts & those affected by conflicts
  2. Community groups and individuals who have psycho-social problems
  3. Less socio-economically reconstructed areas
  4. Victims of crime and abuse
  5. Prevention Programmes for children and youth
  6. Training and development of communities